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Hände, die hölzerne Platte halten
Donations on Wheels
Welcomes You
Hope Is Where the Heart Is
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Donations on Wheels is a non-profit organization that was founded in Stellenbosch SA

by Simbirisiyo and his team.

Being homeless himself when he first came to South Africa, Simbirisiyo always saw the homeless as his friends. He reconnected with them after he suffered from a terrible depression. Simbirisiyo came to a point where it was either giving up or facing his challenges and looking for something positive in his life. Giving up was not an option but seeking for what would bring his energy back.

This was the early start of Donations on Wheels.



We provide food to the homeless as often as possible within our means. Since Donations on Wheels was founded, we have been looking for more ways to help. Our goal is to teach simple skills and partner with local businesses to create early entry jobs.

We not only want to help people on the street, but also help them get off the street.

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